SunTrust Rewards
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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 4 FAQs

What is the SunTrust Rewards program?
The SunTrust (SunPoints) Rewards program lets you earn SunPoints for every Qualifying Purchase made with your eligible and enrolled SunTrust Rewards Credit Card, which is one of the following Card products:
  • SunTrust Visa Signature with SunTrust Rewards
  • SunTrust Platinum Visa with SunTrust Rewards
  • SunTrust Platinum MasterCard® with SunTrust Rewards
  • SunTrust World MasterCard with SunTrust Rewards
  • SunTrust Business Credit Card
  • SunTrust Corporate Card (if allowed by your employer)
  • SunTrust Executive Corporate Card (if allowed by your employer)
Your SunPoints can be used for your choice of cash as a credit to your Card Account, air travel, gift cards/certificates, merchandise and so much more.
What are SunPoints?
SunPoints are Cardholder Rewards Program points earned for every Qualifying Purchase made with an eligible and enrolled SunTrust Credit Card. In order to earn SunPoints, your SunTrust Credit Card must be associated with the Rewards program and your Card Account must be in Good Standing. Good Standing means that your Card Account is not in default and that you are in full compliance with the provisions of Your Card Account Agreement.
What are qualifying purchases?
Only Qualifying Purchases will earn SunPoints. Qualifying Purchase(s) are new retail purchases on Your Card Account in good standing each billing cycle, minus credits/returns/adjustments. The following items are not retail purchases and therefore do not qualify: (1) Payment of existing Card Account balances, (2) Balance Transfers, (3) Cash Advances (via ATM or card originations by any other means), (4) Quasi Cash or Cash-Equivalent Items (e.g., travelers checks, gambling chips, and any other items that serve as cash or are convertible to cash), (5) Fees/Interest that SunTrust bills, (6) Fraudulent/Unauthorized Transactions, (7) Convenience Checks, (8) Stored Value Cards (e.g., gift cards, prepaid cards, etc.), (9) Wire Transfers, (10) Money Transfers, and (11) Overdraft Advances.
How do I enroll additional cards in the SunTrust Rewards program?
If your Card is a Consumer or Business Credit Card Account with SunTrust (SunPoints) Rewards, enrollment in the program is automatic.
If your Card is a SunTrust Corporate or Executive Corporate Credit Card with SunTrust (SunPoints) Rewards, you must proactively enroll the Card in the SunTrust Rewards program at the website: Check with your employer to confirm whether or not your Corporate or Executive Corporate Card is eligible for enrollment in SunTrust Rewards. Some companies prohibit enrollment.
Is there an annual enrollment fee?
There is no fee associated with your Business or Consumer Credit Card Account.
The fee to enroll your Corporate or Executive Corporate Card in the SunTrust (SunPoints) Rewards program is $75 annually. Typically, companies do not reimburse employee Cardholders for this expense, but be sure to check with your company for its specific policy on rewards program fees.
Is my non-profit organization eligible to participate in the SunTrust Rewards program?
To participate in the program, you must reside in the United States and your Card Account must be and remain in Good Standing. SunTrust reserves the right to determine in our sole discretion whether you are eligible for enrollment or continued participation in the program. Use of SunTrust Rewards and participation in the SunTrust (SunPoints) Rewards program may be restricted for certain types of organizations, including tax-exempt entities, trusts, etc. Please seek tax and legal advice to determine if these restrictions apply to your organization.
Earning SunPoints
How do I earn SunPoints?
You earn one SunPoint for every $1 you spend on Qualifying Purchases made with your eligible Consumer, Business, Corporate, or Executive Corporate SunTrust Credit Card. For Corporate and Executive Cards, you must actively enroll your card at before points begin accruing.
I forgot to enroll my Corporate or Executive Corporate Card when I received it. Is there any way to get the points for purchases I made before I completed the enrollment process?
No. Corporate and Executive Corporate Cards must be proactively enrolled at before points can be earned. Prior spend is not eligible and points cannot be applied retroactively. If you wish to participate, enroll your account as soon as possible to start earning SunPoints.
Can I purchase SunPoints?
Yes. You can purchase extra SunPoints in 1,000-point increments for $30 per one thousand which will be billed directly to your Card Account. You can purchase SunPoints online or by calling the SunTrust Rewards Call Center at 800.255.7125.
Is there a limit on the amount of SunPoints I can earn?
There is no limit on the number of SunPoints you can earn on your consumer credit card. However, on your Corporate or Executive Corporate Card, your employer or SunTrust (at their sole discretion) may limit the amount of spend eligible to earn SunPoints or prohibit enrollment of your Corporate or Executive Corporate Card in the program. Contact your company’s program administrator for details. Participation restrictions or limitations on your company-issued card will have no effect on your consumer accounts enrolled in the SunPoints program. You can continue to earn SunPoints throughout the year and carry them forward from one year to the next, within the terms of the Rewards program.
Do my SunPoints expire?
Yes. Your SunPoints will expire on the last day of the year, five years after the year in which the SunPoints posted to Your SunTrust Rewards Account. Transferred SunPoints will expire two years after the date that the transferred SunPoints were posted to your SunTrust Rewards account.
How can I check my SunTrust Rewards account balance?
Check your SunPoints online at or call the SunTrust Rewards Call Center at 800.255.7125.
Can I combine SunPoints from all of my eligible SunTrust cards?
As an individual Cardholder, SunPoints from your consumer Card Account and Corporate or Executive Corporate Card Account can be combined, or “householded” in a single SunTrust Rewards account. You must be the primary cardholder with your individual name embossed on the Cards. Points from multiple Corporate or Executive Cards issued to different people within a company cannot be combined or “pooled.” At this time we are unable to combine SunPoints for your personal or corporate Card Accounts with your business Card Accounts.
Can my company enroll other Corporate Card accounts in the SunPoints program?
At this time, only Corporate and Executive Corporate Cards issued to individual Cardholders are eligible. SunPoints is a Cardholder affinity program and all points accrue to the benefit of the Cardholder, not the company. Vendor cards, Purchasing Cards, “ghost” accounts, department or “floater” cards, Central Travel Accounts or Cards being used to regularly book airline tickets or other expenses for multiple persons are not eligible for enrollment in the SunPoints program. Please refer to the program terms and condition for complete details.
Redeeming SunPoints
When can I begin redeeming my SunPoints?
You can begin redeeming your SunPoints for awards once the SunPoints appear in your SunTrust Rewards account balance. Spend your SunPoints when you earn them or save up for something big.
What can I get with my SunPoints?
The SunTrust Rewards program offers a wide range of reward options, from cash as a credit to your account and gift cards/certificates to merchandise and air travel. To view the possibilities, browse the rewards catalog online.
How do I redeem my SunPoints for SunTrust Rewards?
Redeeming SunPoints is fast and easy. You can redeem SunPoints any time online at or by calling the SunTrust Rewards Call Center at 800.255.7125, which is available 8:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. ET, Monday-Friday and 9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday.
How do the airline travel rewards work? Which airlines participate in the program?
Travel is offered on all major airlines with no blackout dates. To find out how many SunPoints it takes to get to your desired destination, the maximum value requirements, and additional rewards browse the catalog online.
What if the requested airline ticket is over the maximum value allowed?
You may pay the difference with your SunTrust credit card and earn additional SunPoints.
Will my gift cards/certificates have an expiration date and/or any other restrictions?
Each gift card/certificate will indicate any applicable expiration date and/or other restrictions.
Are gift cards/certificates transferable?
The gift card/certificates are not personalized and may be transferred to anyone you select as a recipient.
Rewards Delivery
Can I have my rewards shipped to an address other than my account address?
Merchandise and gift card/certificate rewards can be shipped to any address you designate as long as it is a valid street address within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii (no APO/ FPO addresses).
How long will it take for my rewards to be shipped?
Most rewards can be shipped within 48 hours from the receipt of your order. However, some rewards may take up to 8 weeks for delivery. We will email you or send you a postcard if additional time is needed to ship your reward.
Are shipping charges included in my gift card/certificate and merchandise order?
Yes, standard shipping is included at no additional charge. However, there will be a charge for rush shipping, payable by credit card or through the use of additional SunPoints.
Customer Service
I lost my card. Will I also lose my accumulated SunPoints?
No. If your Card is lost or stolen, your accumulated SunTrust Rewards account balance will be retained and your new Card Account will automatically be enrolled in the program.
My SunPoints balance is incorrect. What should I do?
If you have any questions regarding your SunTrust Rewards account balance, please contact the SunTrust Rewards Call Center at 800.255.7125.
I never received my gift certificate reward. Will I get a replacement for a lost, stolen or destroyed card?
SunTrust sends all gift certificate and gift card rewards by First Class Mail, UPS, or other express carrier and we make every effort to deliver rewards within expected timeframes. Once shipped, however, SunTrust is not responsible for any lost, stolen, destroyed, or expired certificates or cards. If your reward has not been received within six weeks from the date of order, please notify SunTrust Rewards at 800.255.7125.
My merchandise reward was damaged when I received it. What should I do?
Please contact the SunTrust Rewards Call Center at 800.255.7125 for assistance if merchandise you received was damaged or defective.
Why have SunPoints been deducted from my account?
The number of SunPoints in your account will be reduced by the value of any returns or credits and any Qualifying Purchase that is charged-back (credited back) to your Card Account. Also, transactions made with a lost, canceled, stolen, or fraudulent credit Card will be deemed as negative SunPoints.
Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact the SunTrust Rewards Call Center at 800.255.7125. Our operating hours are 8:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. ET, Monday – Friday and 9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday.

For specific questions about your company’s policies governing your Corporate or Executive Corporate Card, including enrollment eligibility, program restrictions or fees, please contact your company’s internal commercial card program administrator.

Please note: your company’s program administrator will not be able to answer questions related to the SunTrust Rewards program or your specific SunTrust Rewards account (i.e. point balances, points earned, rewards availability, etc.,). For questions of that nature, you should always contact the SunTrust Rewards Call Center for prompt assistance.